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BH RADIATOR Sdn Bhd is one of the leaders and experts in the field of radiator manufacturing and services in Malaysia. We continuously exceed standards set by original equipment manufacturer to supply the best quality radiators in the industry.

Exquisite Workmanship

Whether you are looking for a standard, industrial or high-performance radiators, we have the right skills
to deliver the quality radiators with the best quality.

Radiator Products

Corrugated Core

A Corrugated Core type heater includes an inlet tank, an outlet tank, tubes and a corrugated fin.

Header Plate

Header Plates include an inlet for engine coolant and a transmission oil coolers and an engine oil cooler.

Inline Tubular

Tubular Core is made from painted steel tube, mounted with stainless tubular element in insulation plates.

Tubular Core

Inline Tubular cooling system is an effective way to avoid clogging caused by debris and rust particles.

Radiator Services

Radiator Repair

We perform a variety of repair and maintenance services to ensure your radiator runs optimally to cool your engine.

Recore Services

Recore uses your existing tanks and brackets from your “bad” radiator and put them onto a brand new core.

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The radiator keeps your car’s engine cool, and it’s important to give your car the best quality.
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